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Thread gauging by using a eMulticheck with electronically controlled drive


Thread gauging by using a eMulticheck with electronically controlled drive

Efficiency through innovation

Our Multicheck programme combines the testing of gauge accuracy and the measurement of thread depths in only one measuring device. The testing is initiated automatically via a short press of a button. The electronics recognises the thread and begins the testing procedure by screwing in the GO thread plug gauge according to a defined torque. This occurs without the tiresome manual screwing in of the thread plug gauge’s GO side. The GO thread thread plug gauge is traversed out of the workpiece again by pressing the second push button.

eMC Funk

The eMultiCheck 2.0 USB is equipped with a wireless data transmission digital display. The corresponding USB wireless receiver iStick can transfer the measurement results quickly and easily to a PC (documentation system).

The eMultiCheck can be configured quickly and easily using our own free configuration software "eMultiCheck-UI", which runs freely under Microsoft Windows©. To do this, the USB connection of the device (Micro USB) is connected to a PC. The software is then started on the PC. Settings such as direction of rotation (right-hand / left-hand thread), torque (thread size / material to be tested), configuration of through holes (automatic stop after reaching the depth), storage of individual thread settings as well as the regulation of the speeds are easily possible.

The eMultiCheck is available in two variants featuring either mains connection or operation via an integral battery.


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We would be pleased to present this measuring and testing system to you in detail personally or via web meeting.

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