Advantages of using a MultiCheck

  • One single measuring device for checking both - accuracy to thread size and thread depth
  • Thread gauging cycle time reduced by 50% (eMC 80%)
  • Thread depth up to 4xD can be measured (eMC up to 50 mm)
  • Application of standard thread plug gauges slightly modified
  • Simple replacement of worn plug gauges
  • Reliable reading of the thread depth from measuring sleeve or digital readout
  • Coated version on request

If you wish to replace a worn thread plug gauge that is no longer within the specified tolerance yourself, you need a dismantling kit consisting of a draw-off nut, a long spacing sleeve for the „GO“ end and a short spacing sleeve for the „NOT GO“ end.

The MultiCheck measures the length of fully formed thread. This is not exactly identical with the depth to which a screw can be screwed in, due to the distance of the start of the thread from the workpiece face.

The distance from the face to the first complete thread is 0.5 x pitch ± 0.02 mm. This ensures precise calibration with our setting gauge.

For recording measuring results, we offer a data interface for the MultiCheck Digital.

For setting a MultiCheck we commend our setting gauge.


Aviable thread types

More thread types on request!


MultiCheck Scale

  • Accuracy of reading: 0.5 mm


MultiCheck Vernier

  • Accuracy of reading: 0.1 mm


MultiCheck Digital

  • Accuracy of reading: 0.01 mm


MultiCheck Digital Wireless

  • Accuracy of reading: 0.01 mm
  • Digital display with integrated wireless module


MultiCheck setting gauge

  • Checking the zero position of Multicheck devices
  • Setting the zero position of Multicheck devices


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