Shell Type Thread Milling Cutters

These tools are intended for workpieces in large serial production. The high durability and the very high surface quality of the manufactured threads are a characteristic of these tools.

Depending on the workpiece / material/ lot size, we can offer the tried and tested shell type cutter with exchangeable inserts (GFG-WP) for processing nonferrous metals or our shell type thread milling cutter with exchangeable milling inserts (GFG-WFE) for processing all kinds of different steel materials.

Combination Tools

There are several possibilities available to save production costs, which have different effects on overall costs. By combining different work processes in one tool, the total processing time can be lowered - independently of technological limitations.

JBO combination tools are adapted to meet the specific needs of the customer and their workpieces. If you are further interested, please contact our technical sales department.

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