Inventions are created with intense engagement.
Development of special tools

Project flow for special tools

In the beginning, there is the tool, or the capacity profile of the CNC machine to be realized, or maybe technical specifications...
In any case, there is a precise analysis of the task and the internal and external parameters of the client. In many cases, however, there is a discussion in the company at the beginning of the project. Then, JBO will perform an internal check to determine if a new development is required or if an already existing solution can be adapted to the new task. In doing so, we can rely on a lot of previous solutions, either from our inventory or from our long-term experience which has been growing extensively over the last decades. The respective tools will be developed, tested, discussed with the client, optimized and implemented into the production process. Also with regard to this task, we like to be involved to be able to adjust the fine settings together with the client. For special solutions, we are able to use our special strengths, both in the technical and in the communicative field.