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Today JBO is one of the leading international suppliers of
precision tools for manufacturing and checking threads


How does someone become one of the world’s leading providers of precision tools for the manufacture and testing of threads? In the case of JBO the answer is quite obvious: by adopting the wishes and challenges of its customers as its own. By orienting oneself to market needs at an early stage and recognizing innovation as an opportunity. By systematically planning quality and developing new solutions with passion.

Meanwhile we at JBO operate according to these principles in the sixth generation. Our success is also due to the commitment shown to our location – all JBO tools are manufactured in Albstadt – and to our motivated employees, of whom we demand a lot, but also support them in their development at the same time.

Discover who we are, how we think and what we do in order to remain pacesetters - also in the future - in a demanding market.

Company Profile


Thomas Rapp, Melanie Boss, Heinz Boss

Our company – our principles

JBO is one of today’s international leaders of thread processing and testing technology. Since six generations we develop and produce our products without compromise at our site in Albstadt. For almost one hundred years, we have been consistently specialising in threads, allowing our worldwide partners to profit from the extensive knowledge that we have gained. A further success factor is based on the special machinery that we continue to develop for the efficient manufacture of thread cutting dies and thread gauges.

It is of paramount importance to our company that we react immediately to the challenges and requirements of our customers and to market demands. Continual innovation, quality products, a passionate commitment to service, active process management, high standards and cost effective solutions are the cornerstones of our company philosophy. The competence and commitment of our employees enables us to achieve these goals successfully and continuously. Therefore employee development is an important building block for us in our company's progression. It is imperative for us to provide our customers – today and in the future – with solutions which are more sophisticated, more efficient and more economical and stay in line with market needs.



Quality Policy


For us, quality means always developing and producing innovative and technically high-quality products and services from an economic point of view, by ensuring an early orientation to the market / customer requirements and the constant commitment of all employees, and ensuring a consistently high quality and high availability (on-time delivery ) to achieve long-term customer loyalty.

Our QMS is certified according to
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


The currently valid certificates are to be found here:


JBO ISO 9001
JBO ISO 9001
JBO ISO 9001

175 years JBO:
“A success story with precision and threads“



Johannes Boss founded a precision engineering workshop for the construction of precision scales. In the following decades, pill machines and other precision instruments for pharmacists were added. The company grew, built another factory in Onstmettingen and towards the end of the century transformed from a craft business to an industrially managed company.


The outbreak of World War I led to drastic changes. Precision scales were mainly made of brass. This material was unexpectedly needed for the production of ammunition. At the same time, there was a great need for tools - the entire production had to be changed. The decision was made in favour of thread cutting. Since then, “threading” has been the company’s central area of expertise.


Richard Boss has built up a close knit network of representatives across all four occupation zones. The company employs 55 people again. The 100th anniversary could be celebrated.


Rationalisation was in demand. A separate automation department was set up. In 1962, Mr. Heinz Boss joined the company.


A comprehensive range of thread gauges was added to the production and sales programme. Linear and rotary units, which had been produced in the automation department since the 1960s for the company’s own rationalisation, became an integral part of the sales programme.


Resumption of the production of thread milling cutters for distribution. 1999 Mrs. Melanie Boss joined the company as the 6th generation. In 2000, thread milling cutters and combination tools were added to the production programme. This was followed by a successive expansion of the production capacity, the construction of additional production halls at the site (2002 and 2008), as well as the substantial enlargement of the warehouse/dispatch department and the office space into an “open-space office” in 2010.


Production of PCD, CVD-D and PcBN tools. Internationalisation was driven forward. Today, JBO is represented in more than 60 markets worldwide.


The 3rd production and technical hall with air conditioning opens up new possibilities for the expansion of JBO beyond the current number of 160 employees.


175 years
Johs. Boss GmbH & Co. KG
Precision Tool Manufacturer

workshop in the Wilhelm street, approx. 1889

staff 1904

New building 1904

company founder Johannes Boss (picture),
Heinz Boss (5th generation),
Melanie Boss (6th generation) between the 7th generation Svenja

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