JBO High Performance
Thread Cutting Dies


100 years of technical know-how


The high performance thread cutting dies constitute the core product of JBO. For more than 100 years, the technical know-how of countless employees has been incorporated into this product. Thereby these high performance tools have been improved and the number of variants rose. This is reflected in the quality of the cut thread, in service life and of course in the special geometries for different materials . All together ensures the optimal use of the tools at our broad range of customers, contributing significantly to their success.

General advantages of JBO Precision Thread Cutting Dies


  • JBO is the leading European manufacturer of thread cutting dies

  • Unsurpassed surface finish of thread flanks and cutting edges

  • More than 10,000 sizes and types of dies kept in stock for all kinds of threads ranging from 1 to 200 mm diameter. If a surface treatment is necessary or advantagous, we also offer this.

  • We can supply HSS, HSSE or carbide thread cutting dies, matched to the particular workpiece material and application in each case

  • Far-reaching experience in the range of special threads


High-tech Carbide Thread Cutting Dies
alternative carbide-tipped (brazed)


These cutting dies have been tried and tested for cutting speeds up to 100 m/min. We will gladly carry out trials with still higher cutting speeds where machines have the requisite capability. The far greater tool lives and cutting speeds were achieved with dry machining, t hereby facilitating the recycling of the chips produced. These dies are mostly used for working brass, gun metal and bronze.

JBO solid carbide dies are equipped with a thread relief grinding. Thereby the cutting torque is reduced and the tendency to cold weld is eliminated. The durability is 15 to 30 times higher than with a HSS-cutting die. They are therefore out standingly cost effective. We manufacture carbide thread cutting dies in solid carbide version or alternative carbide-tipped (brazed) for threads from approx. 16 mm dia. upwards and for pitches from 1 to 2.5 mm or 11 to 24 tpi to DIN EN specifications. Bell form type dies and special size dies to suit customer requirements can also be supplied. Carbide cutting dies for G-thread see page 181 and for R-threads see page 189.


  • Higher cutting speed

  • Multiple tool life

  • Reduced tool changing costs

  • Less machine idle time

  • Advantages by dry machining

JBO Solid Carbide Dies cut the production
costs appreciably


Examples from the valve industry

Machining of gunmetal with a JBO solid carbide cutting tool:
G 3/4": 260 000 parts (one tool reground three times).
M 22 x 1: 780 000 parts (one tool reground five times).

Solid carbide thread cutting die Thread cutting die
with brazed carbide
cutting edges

Special Client-Specific
Thread Cutting Dies


Our special thread cutting dies are always
designed in accordance with the customer's
specific requirements / workpieces.



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