JBO Precision
Thread Gauges


JBO Precision Thread Gauges
a concept for quality and wear resistance

Precisions Thread Plug Gauges



Dimensions according to DIN 2280, up to nominal Ø 40 mm




Precisions Thread Ring Gauges



Dimensions according to DIN 2285-1
Dimensions according to DIN 2299-1



Customized Thread Gauges
and Inspection Machine Mountings


Thread gauges and test fixtures
according to drawing, pattern or design
for the specific application of the customer.





One single measuring device
for checking thread size and thread depth.







Thread gauging cycle time              
reduced by 80 %




General Advantages of JBO Precision Thread Gauges:


  • Optimum surface finish on thread flanks and high hardness of thread flanks result in outstanding resistance to wear and long gauge life
  • Repeated tempering after the annealing process guarantees high form stability and dimensional stability
  • Large stocks covering more than 10,000 different thread dimensions and tolerances for quick delivery
  • We are the market leaders with our exceptional stock holding and variety of thread sizes
  • Complete range of gauges covering all kinds of threads from 0.5 - 300 mm diameter
  • Gauges are supplied in individual transparent packing for permanent protection
  • Inspection certificate on request


Gauges are produced to the reduced tolerance wherever permitted by the overall gauge tolerance

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