„The common theme is precision and the thread”

Company history

Johannes Boss establishes a workshop for fine mechanics to produce precision balances. Over the decades that follow, pill-making machines and other precision instruments for pharmacists are added to the product range. The company continues to grow, building a further plant in Albstadt and expanding from a workshop to become a managed manufacturing company by the end of the century.

The outbreak of World War I leads to radical changes – the entire production has to be converted to thread cutting dies. Since then, “threads” have become the central field of expertise of the company.

JBO develops new markets by expanding its distribution network.

1958 – 1985
The company grows to a size of 120 employees. New facilities become necessary and new business segments are developed. In 1958, a decision is made to set up our own jigmaking and machining building.

1985 – 2010
JBO’s growing expertise allows the expansion of its product range. (1985: Thread gauges. 1997: Resumption of the sales and marketing of thread milling cutters. 2000: Thread milling cutters and combination tools.)

Successive expansion of production capacity, new development of further production facilities on the existing site (2002 and 2008) as well as the substantial enlargement of warehouse/dispatch and the expansion of the office space "open space office".

Production of PCD, CVD and CBN tools

International network expansion has led to JBO being represented in 60 markets worldwide.

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