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"High-tech made in Germany". All activities take place at the JBO production location at Albstadt, ranging from design planning in close cooperation with customers and selection of optimal cutting materials for specific applications to the production on our laser processing machines of the very latest generation. Our teams in development/construction and technical sales find the optimal solution for your production plans.


Compared to the conventional methods used to manufacture of tools tipped with cutting materials, the exceptional quality of the super-sharp cutting edge is instantly recognizable. It is characterized by minimal micro chipping and cutting edge rounding. This means our customers are ensured long tool life, a high level of process safety and maximum economy with regard to tool use.

Our portfolio in the area of super hard cutting materials is rounded off by the fact that the technology we use enables cutting materials to be used that cannot be machined with standard technologies. These include for example the so called CVD-D (diamond material without cobalt as a binder), the PCD types with a very high diamond ratio, and primarily PCD hybrid variants with finer and coarser grain sizes, as the diamond grain is cut with laser processing.

PCD. polycrystalline



PCD is an artificially manufactured industrial diamond.
However, PCD differs significantly from MKD in its crystal structure,
because this is not monocrystalline (single-grained)
but polycrystalline (multi-grained).



CVD. Chemical Vapour
Deposition Diamonds.



Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamonds (CVD-D) are diamonds,
which are produced by the chemical vapor deposition. The advantage
compared to polycrystalline diamond (PCD), the high purity is
(99% diamond content) of the diamond layer and the resulting higher
hardness and wear resistance. The hardness of CVD-D is therefore almost identical.
with the hardness of MKD, but not anisotropic, this means not directional.



CBN. polycrystalline
Boron Nitride.



Looking for a comparably hard material to diamonds
the polycrystalline boron nitride (PCB), also colloquially known as cubic boron nitride (CBN) has
been discovered. CBN is a synthetically produced composite cutting material and has about
more than half the hardness of a diamond.
The cubic nitride is embedded in a ceramic binder phase.






In addition to our core competence,
the manufacture of thread tools, we also produce the complete
spectrum of tool types for metal and composite machining with
PCD, CVD or CBN tipped cutting edges.

PCD, CBN or CVD are commonly special tools developed
and designed to customer specification. We will be pleased to provide
support by our experienced application engineering team.

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