Combination Tools

Combination tools are modular tool systems for drilling, countersinking, milling and thread milling which are primarily used in serial production. These sytems can often be applied when the use of a solid carbide tool is uneconomical. Thus, significant time savings, rationalisation and quality improvements are possible in the machining of serial parts on CNC machining centers.

In addition the choise of different cutting materials such as solid carbide, PCD, thickfilm-CVD and PcBN for each individual component is possible. This opens up the optimal adjustment of the average values of the various machining diameter and the resulting different cutting speeds.

Components of combination tools

  • Basic holder in different shank designs
  • Central tool for drilling, rough boring or threading
  • Any reversing or changing inserts

Aviable shank Versions

  • Straight shank according to DIN 1835
  • HSK taper shank according to DIN 69893
  • ISO taper shank according to DIN 69871
  • Other shank versions on request


  • Reducing the processing time
  • Association of multiple machine operations
  • Increasing flexibility by modular construction

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