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As far as we are concerned,
optimum customer service is not just idle talk -
but should be “lived”


We do not only support our customers with high-class products, but also with a multitude of tailor-made services – and expertise.

Such as it is a matter of course for us to support our customers technically at the first oneset of complex thread milling technology directly at the machine.

We are continuously analysing the market and customer circumstances and developing services and tools, so that our customers are able to organize their own processes more efficiently, economically and simply and - at the same time - more pleasantly. Find out here more about what we can offer to help you.

for JBOtronic and eMultiCheck

JBOtronic programming software
JBOtronic programming software

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eMultiCheck software


JBO Calibration service on thread gauges JBO DAkkS calibration certificate



Our in-house calibration laboratory meets the highest requirements for measurement technology. Several procedures for the calibration of thread gauges are accredited by the DAkkS according DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. This means that the international standard specifications for calibration laboratories are introduced, implemented and regularly monitored. The advantages for our customers are obvious, JBO can deliver DAkkS calibration certificates together with stocked thread gauges in the shortest possible time. DAkkS calibration cer- tificates are very often required, especially in the automotive, aviation and medical sectors. The current scope of validity (annex to the accreditation certificate) is linked on our website and is available for download.

We are pleased to issue calibration certificates with national and international logos (DAkkS and ILAC) for you. Furthermore, we offer a variety of different factory calibration certificates. Recalibration of thread gauges is also part of our range of services. Further information such as the underlying guidelines and the scope of calibration are documented on the following links.

Accreditation Certificate
Calibration Certificates
Overview of JBO calibration Certificates
List of flexible scope



Examples of JBO-DAkkS Calibration Certificates

JBO DAkkS Calibration Certificate LD Option 1
JBO DAkkS Calibration Certificate GR Option 1


Examples of JBO-Calibration Certificates for thread plug gauges

Calibration Certificate GO/NOT GO thread plug gauge C5
Calibration Certificate GO/NOT GO thread plug gauge Option 4


Examples of JBO-Calibration Certificates for thread ring gauges

Calibration Certificate GO thread ring gauge C5
Calibration Certificate GO thread ring gauge Option 4

Technical consultation


Our company – our principles

Our application engineers are available to help you - in smaller inquiries, as well as in important development projects.

By telephone as well as on-the-spot. They can help with tips or suggest more complex new developments.


New tools are created through intensive dialogue.
Development of special tools


Project flow for special tools

In the beginning, there is the tool, or the capacity profile of the CNC machine to be realized, or maybe technical specifications...

In any case, there is a precise analysis of the task and the internal and external parameters of the client. In many cases, however, there is a discussion in the company at the beginning of the project. Then, JBO will perform an internal check to determine if a new development is required or if an already existing solution can be adapted to the new task.

In doing so, we can rely on a lot of previous solutions, either from our inventory or from our long-term experience which has been growing extensively over the last decades. The respective tools will be developed, tested, discussed with the client, optimized and implemented into the production process. Also with regard to this task, we like to be involved to be able to adjust the fine settings together with the client.

For special solutions, we are able to use our special strengths, both in the technical and in the communicative field.

Trials and tests


Extensive in-house testing and machining trails are performed for all new product developments. Only after it has been proved that the tools are suitable for the serial production they are released for sale.


Tests on behalf of the client

In many cases we also perform machining trials for our customers - with the corresponding customer workpieces or materials. Though we determine the optimum tool, the CNC programme, the cutting parameters, the processing time and, if necessary, also the tool life.

Application technology –
with a lot of commitment and know-how to individual solutions


Examples of customer specific processing solutions from different branches of industry and fields, which our application engineers have developed in close dialogue with our customers:


Production examples

Crashbox with towing hook fixture Towing hook
Master brake cylinder
Oil filter housing
Engine cover
Break cylinder
Double nipple screw fitting
Fitting angle
Fitting reduction
Implant plating system
Throttle valve
Cylinder head
Measuring task

Training and lectures


Product cycles are becoming shorter, the needs of the market are changing very rapidly, and companies have to keep moving. Anybody who places high demands on himself and his work has to familiarise himself with new developments continually.

For this reason, we at JBO have prepared a number of different training courses and lectures – which deal intensively with the basics in the field of screw thread technology, as well as a professional view of the current developments in the market. Including information on JBOtronic, CNC programming, application technology, etc.

We will also be pleased to carry out individual customer events for you. Simply give us a call.

The JBO regrinding service


The anti-aging programme for your tools

The regrinding service offered by the manufacturer for a much longer service life of your tools. JBO grinds the tools with optimally adjusted parameters.

The result: A tool almost as new.

Coated tools can be reworked with re-sharpening and re-coating procedures.

Your advantages

  • Cost reduction by multiple re-sharpening procedures

  • Constant geometry and profile accuracy

  • Optimal cutting edge quality

  • Durability almost like a new tool

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