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Welcome to one
of the world's leading
providers of
precision tools for
manufacturing and
checking threads.



Discover who we are,
how we think and what
we do in order
to remain pacesetters
- also in the future -
in a demanding market.


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September 2019
Components for the automatic testing of threads and measuring of thread and drill depth.

New products


Solid Carbide Circular Drill
Thread Milling Cutter:

Solid carbide circular drill
for non-ferrous metals, steels
and difficult to machine materials
and hardenend materials...




We support our customers
not only with high quality products,
but also with a wide variety
of customized services


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Since 1849 - with JBO to the future

On 300 pages you will learn everything
worth knowing about the services
and the products of JBO


Warehouse information system


Our warehouse is comprehensive.
This guarantees a fast delivery
of our products.


Career at JBO


At JBO, you expect
a long-term strategic alignment and
attractive jobs.






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